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Originally Posted by D.O.G. View Post
Not a complaint, merely an observation.

The garage can't cope with entries from different time zones very well.

I filled Metric early this morning, Saturday 3rd of October, while America was still enjoying Friday 2nd October.

I corrected the “fill date” when entering the fuel log, it seems the system can't handle that.

I should point out that this is the first entry since May.
After entering the log, it shows the fill on the list and the graph, but also displays -
90-day Fuel Economy:*no fills in past 90 days
The garage list displays no mpg figure, the bike doesn't appear on the top ten lists or on the team competition list.

I thought the system might update Metric's status once America “caught up” to Saturday 3rd, but it seems that isn't the case.

The moral of this story is – don't change the fill date, or in my case, don't enter fuel logs until mid afternoon.
If you change just one letter in a comment in a fuel log it will recalculate its 90 day period.
You'd lose fillups that are over 90 days ago at that point, even if they weren't at the time of the last log entry.

By the way, did you set your time zone in the User Control Panel?
If not, try it out; that may just solve the issue.
I set mine and never had trouble - but then I rarely fill up&register before like 8 AM so I would not know anyway

To set the time zone go to User CP,
under Settings and Options (in the left part) click on Edit Options
and scroll down for the Date & Time Options.
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