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Originally Posted by deejaaa View Post
the one in the middle.
Nope, its actually the one on the left

I got new Yokohama YK580s put on the back. The new tires on the back caused an unstable and loose feeling front, funny thing is that I didn't realize it until about 50 miles in. It happened at 60 mph, thought it was worn suspension at first, since I didn't feel it the first time i drove on the highway with those tires. So that cheated me out of driving my car for a week , instead I was stuck with my dad's auto G35X, I got 29.8 at the highest.

When the tire crap happened, I had let my dad drive the car home so he could see if he could feel it, so he drove with the a/c on and at 75 mph, he got 26.9. That brought down the tank average from almost 36 to 34, then more short trips brought it down further. I filled it up with 407 miles and 12.224 gallons. Thats 33.3 mpg. Lower than two of my previous tanks. I'm going to save my mileage reports for when I have the other part of the commute, but it doesn't look good. Winter gas is around for sure, and I drove faster than usual because traffic was denser, and I wasn't used to my car. Scanguage was also off a few percent, due to the larger diameter wheels I assume. (new tires on the front now)

I recently tried out some air to fuel ratio x gauges with my scangauge, of course none of them worked , and I ran my battery down, so I had to drive and charge it. The result was about 16 mpg. bleh.

Good news time! I finally found the part number for the accord hybrid's rear diffuser and it is $41 at majestic honda. More than i'm willing to pay for its anticipated gas savings. Another thing I discovered about the accord hybrid is that it has an aluminum hood! Ever since feeling an s2000's super light hood, I have wanted an aluminum hood. Now I can have one! Also, I remembered that I can set waze to avoid highways, so I can cut off more than 5 miles off my commute, drive slower, and possibly get better gas mileage. I will have to see if the increased number of stoplights is detrimental to my mileage.

Parts wanted from accord hybrid: Decklid spoiler, hood, and rear diffuser

Unfortunately for me, there are no nearby accord hybrids in my color being parted out. And I learned from my previous accord to not spend lots of money on parts expecting to get that money back in either resale value or gas mileage improvements.

I will be spending this weekend replacing shocks and maybe rechecking the valve clearances, its gotten noisy.
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