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Cibbie - '88 Honda CBR 250R
90 day: 54.64 mpg (US)

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90 day: 38.21 mpg (US)

Baby viff - '86 Honda VFR 400R
90 day: 52 mpg (US)

Latios - '08 Suzuki SV650SF
90 day: 73.9 mpg (US)
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I do not EOC yet. I want a kill switch, PS delete, and 4.13 EM scanguage update before I do EOC.

I'm getting confused about which trip is which, but i think i got it. I need to post these earlier before i forget.

Commute 1: Forgot what happened, 36.5 mpg.

Commute 2: Tried out a different route. 71% OVER EPA! What's that? Its city epa? Awww. It turned out to be 30 mpg, i calculated an EPA estimated 17.5 mpg from the 27 mph average i had. This was with tons of stoplights, and a dying battery, so no engine off at lights. I don't like that route, back to my old one I guess. Take these trips with a grain of salt, it could be up to 4% off from new tires and winter gas.

Got a new battery after 30 mpg trip because car barely started even when warm. New battery was $126 I actually neglected to check water levels before going to store, so I hope it was really dead. It lasted only 3 years and 10 months, not very good. I'm used to batteries lasting about 8 years.

Guy who replaced battery for me(free/paid with jacked up prices) hooked up something to retain ecu memory , but it had already reset when it got too low during a start . After the new battery, it went back to its usual super fast and awesome sounding starter noise.

Replaced front shocks and took off clutch slave cylinder to clean out debris, car is 100% more enjoyable to drive now!
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Best trip in V6: 52.0
Best tank in V6: 46.0
Best tank in CBR: 61.3
Best tank in VFR: 62.5
Best tank in SV: 83.9

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