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Clutch inoperable when cold, recently replaced

I noticed that the clutch felt weak last week and then I had difficulty getting in gear first thing in the morning. On Sunday, I needed to turn off my car, put her in gear, and then start in first. With the clutch all of the way in, it still moved forward when I released the brake.

Last night I spent a couple of hours with a friend and I needed to turn off my car to shift to reverse and then again to shift back into gear in order to make a three-point turn.

You had better believe that I am taking my car back to Pep Boys, a different one than replaced the timing belt in my Forester, and I had them fix it two weeks later. I did not choose Pep Boys, my clutch went out when I attempted a road trip, and my insurance towed it there.

I just want the best idea of what the problem is before they start telling me that I need to pay for things that I do not need. They wanted a valve lash when the timing belt tensioner broke.

Old Mech and everyone else, I thank you in advance. Please enjoy your day.

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