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Despite the bad mpg PR that it was collecting, my 2013 auto tranny Elantra has averaged 39mpg with 15% city driving. No mods, but burning 100% ethanol-free gasoline(E0) & tires inflated to 40psi. With a little extra highway driving(but no tank that drained in as short as 2 days), I've had 6 out of 7 tanks that were 40+mpg, & 3 that were 42-43mpg. Now the 2013 is in the hands of another family member & we have another Elantra, a 2016 manual tranny....... also averaging 39mpg. Numerous tanks over 40mpg, & 2 tanks to 42.5-43mpg. One tank was 46+mpg..... with stops for ocean beach walks, & pix, interior hilly travel & some moderate I-5 traffic.
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