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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
I thought it was 205 C

On the KOSTOV I think max comm temp is 265c. I'm retty surethe warning light goes on at 215 C
Just checking - are you talking about the temperature of the windings (where there is normally a thermistor or an RTD to read the temperature) or the temperature of the commutator, the mechanical contact with the brushes?

You have a light that comes on at 215C - what drives that light?

I am worried about the commutator temperature, since I'll be using relatively low voltage and the current will .. hopefully .. be 300+ amps for half an hour at a time. But I would be interested in any method to measure the temperature of the commutator besides an Infrared thermometer. I had to take the shroud off the motor to enable the thermometer to check temperature, so there is no forced air cooling ... which makes the temperature higher than it should be.

Netgain has not responded to my email as yet.

As I mentioned in the last post, the brush testing EVTV did between stock brushes and Helwig split-top brushes showed a large difference in commutator temperature spinning an unloaded motor. But that's the only actual data I can locate on commutator temperature.

When I get set up I'll log the data and see how high it gets. Perhaps I will post the question on EVDL or DIYelectriccar. It's worth a shot.
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