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my Kostov has a click temp switch on the brush holder that is set when the holder obviously gets to 215C which turns on an idiot light in the car that says "temp". FWIW they think or have measured 100% duty cycle temps to be less than this amount. the idiot light get checked during start up, but has never come on driving. I did test it once with a hair dryer.

100% duty cycle is 250 amps at 192v. the armature maximum they recommend is 450 amps at 250v for 4 minutes on an 11" 250 so I extrapolated for my 192 and use 425 max amps. by their charts this is less than 265C comm bar temp. I do pull 450 amps for 3 1/2 minutes accelerating to 65 up a 4.5% hill. I have pushed 800 battery amps @ 180 sag volts, but get this burning clutch and wiring smell before the controller shuts down my throttle requests.

now this leads to the rocket scientist question: where exactly do you want to see what temperature on the comm. the brushes got way hotter, there is this little plasma arc thing going on, some parts are not conducting and therefore radiating heat.......I digress.

so: what is the S60 rating? or worse case what is the motor rated for in watts or HP? If you stay under those figures, the comm should be OK for temps
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