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Another update, another oversight

S Keith keeps giving advice and I keep not following it, or not all of it. My Dad insists I'm ADHD but I think he's full of hey, squirrels!

After letting Tiptoe sit on the charger for 2 hours, Son #2 and I took it for a quick spin. LOTS of depth of charge has returned, even with such a short charge aboard. Regen and assist behaved properly.

A quick note about assist: under the old paradigm before the discharge, I had about ten seconds of full assist before the IMA would go into recal. It would recal multiple times per trip. I got a grand total of about 20 seconds of full assist (and lots of lesser assists) on this little trip and it hasn't recalled at all. So on that basis alone I would say this has been a success.

But the 12v light came on. That was worrying. And it stayed on at all speeds, which worried me even more.

I brought it home and did a few 12v resets as described, pulling the negative, waiting a couple of minutes, reconnecting and starting to let it run for a few minutes. No luck on the 12v.

In fact on the 5th 12v reset process the car was struggling, wouldn't rev above 1200 or so, and the instrument panel was flickering. Shut it down and fetched the meter to check the battery. Metered at 11.45v. It was still daylight then.

Fast forward to ten minutes ago. Read about another tinkerer wandering through the maze of Honda hybrids, he mentioned the 100a fuse on the connections side of the IMA pack. Well, I just happen to have a spare here, let's tip that pack up on its side and look at it, shove that plug out of the way...


that plug...

I remember what a challenge it is to get that out, but do I remember what a challenge it is to put it back? Unholster the flashlight and pop the panel out of the way. NOTE: knowing myself a little too well, only the battery pack is bolted down. Every other cover is still loose.

No, as it turns out I do not remember plugging it back in, and for good reason. Plug it in.

And the car fired right up, 12v light is out. So that's one hassle less. If nothing else I have my car operating in condition similar (actually markedly improved) to before I started all this.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.

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