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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
This is something I have long wondered but why doesn't anyone extend the main cog that comes off the input shaft and add a direct drive connection to electrically drive the car?

So basically on the OPPOSITE side of a manual transaxle, opposite the clutch and input shaft you could extend the main shaft through a bearing on the other side and have a direct drive location for an electric motor.

After looking at my extra honda insight transaxle I wonder why this couldn't be designed in.

Would eliminate all the issues the gen I honda has (in terms of regen while the motor was running) and it also would allow for pure electric drive without spinning the motor.

Any ideas how this could be made workable?

I think a machine shop should could possible add in this feature along with an appropriately bored splined end and race and bearing kit, would also have to add a seal.

Just curious
I have always though the same thing with rear wheel drive by hanging a motor off the back of the differential.

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