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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
well, even a $5 bluetooth adapter on your controller cpu (or your obd port, or??) so you can tweak it with your phone is a potential weak point, but they are secured by a really hard to guess PIN, like 6789 though.

but don't overthink it, unless you are going to open it up to the internet. but bluetooth logging to a phone /computer will get you %99.999 of use cases. and the phone can proxy to the internet for other stuff. I'd worry more about user friendly stuff than abstract communications for theoretical components. But I'm not trying to invent a market for hypothetical components or anything either.
All of this stuff is silly cheap, until it's refined into a "product." Look at the Andromeda display - all the parts for that are pretty cheap, but they charge over $600 for the product.
I think this datalogging is a perfectly good example. As I'm looking for ways to communicate my BMS's information to other car parts, I found something interesting. The BMS uses a Linduino (basically an Arduino uno w/ some extra stuff) for the main control. There's a pretty cheap "shield" that can translate whatever data onto the CAN bus.

Notice on the shield that there's a micro SD card connector? Now that sounds awesome, you could save something like 4GB or 8GB of data. I can also simply plug an SD card directly into the laptop I'm writing this on. All the data would easily be available for any spreadsheet to analyze.

Paul - how much would be involved with adding one of these little buggers to the controller, then datalog everything with a time stamp? The data dump rate could be fine or course, depending on one easy parameter setting.

- E*clipse
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