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Someone is paying for me to assemble one of those "200kW" AC controllers for his car. I just had picked 200kW as a nice round number thinking 400 volts and 500amps peak, but it's actually 339kW even with the derating!! 1.5 * 400voltDCBus * 400*sqrt(2) assuming power factor of 1. I need to change the name of the instructable. Maybe if I had said 339kw I wouldn't have gotten in last place in the contest (and wouldn't have been beaten by the LED sneakers. Totally not bitter). haha.

The neat thing is, he has a Leaf motor so I'm making it for that. AND he is using a Volt battery pack. The 2 together were $2000 (including shipping). Man, those junk yards don't know what they have! So I'm learning from Eclipse's resolver circuit since it uses resolvers. Eclipse is the master of op amps. I still can only make a voltage follower by typing "voltage follower" in google.
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