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Originally Posted by azlar View Post
As long as your connections are tight, sensors should be okay. Mine has a t-fitting spliced into the line feeding the ECU. Was easy to run it back into the cabin without too many twists and turns. Doesn't seem to affect the computer.

Another good spot would be straight off the intake manifold. The port on the left is for the powerbrakes, the one on the right has a reduced diameter. Might be okay, but the middle is a full size connection. Just put a T in there and run with it.

The mounting was in an unused spot in the console. Bezel broke the other day, so need to find a new one.. This gauge doesn't have numbers, but if you drive it for awhile it will still give you good driving knowledge. I should probably calibrate it one of these days using my tune-up vacuum gauge, but this works fine.

Well I have spliced my gauge in where you suggested and it does not work properly only reading 3 or 4 at the most.

This is the gauge :-

52mm Auto Smoke Vacuum Pressure Dial Gauge Meter Silver on eBay, also Dial, Dash Switch Custom'n, Interior Styling, Car Tuning Styling, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 28-Jul-08 14:00:54 BST)

Before I got around to fitting the gauge this happened.

My wife used the car yesterday and it did not run after starting , being doing that a bit of late , so she hit the throttle to try and catch it and I heard a bang under the bonnet but the car ran so I let her go out in it.
When this happened last time it blew the big rubber donut off that is between the manifold and the air-fuel control unit and it refused to start till I reconnected it.

When coming to splice the vacuum line into the middle pipe connector in your photo I found that the other end under the manifold was not in it's housing ? [ caused by yesterdays bang ? ] the flame trap for the PCV and yet the car could start and run ? strange ?

It took me ages to get that back in but finally did it and spliced in the t piece.

When the gauge did not work I though the pipe was blocked down to the flame trap but it is clear , if I unscrew the middle pipe connector in your photo the car will not start and yet it could with the other end of the pipe hanging in the air ? the only difference being the screw in part has a restrictor at the manifold end ? lot smaller than the pipe diameter.

I do not have the third pipe in your picture on the right I have what looks like a bolt in there so I am going to see if it is tapped all the way through and I can get a pipe adapter to screw into it.

regards Paul
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