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Hi had to swap my volvo winter beater for an auto for lots of reasons. Picked up a 17 year old peugeot 406 2.0 petrol estate very cheaply. Full service history new tyres and exhaust. 75k miles from new. Totally mint inside and out apart from a crease in drivers door. Started out getting about 30-33 imperial mpg. Then auto box started doing random changes or not changing at all. So carried out passive oil changes over a couple of months. Box so much better then a speed sensor went wonky so gearbox ecu did not know speed of car. Replacement sensor was not working right so waited for exhange one to come through post. Now fitted and wow what a car. Only averaged 35 imperial mpg book is 40mpg. After a fast drive to hospital over scottish mountains and 4 days of sub zero temps and freezing rain. Tyres are run at 40 psi. Hoping next tank will be better as im on 250 miles on half a tank. Auto box has lock up in 3rd and 4th.
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