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I have run into a 2 Insightfull Situation.

Over the next 3 months I will be downgrading from my 2001 Red Honda Insight with 198k to a 2000 Red Honda insight.

If you are in no hurry and looking for a cheap ride I would think my insight will fit the bill.

It has some dents and a crack in the bumper and I also have most of the aero panels removed (but most are laying around for you).

EGR valve was replaced, plugs replaced 30k ago, brakes were done 2000 miles ago, valves were done about 20k ago, springs were upgraded.

The "new" insight needs battery work but otherwise needs a set of LRR tires. I plan on swapping tires and some other goodies before I sell.

You can take this as a my loss your gain situation if you can handle an easy $2100 60mpg, car that does need anything to run but can be made better if you clean out the EGR plate (which needs it again)

Battery will be a question mark until I decide how I want to proceed over the next few months, I have a good one and a ????

And obviously I still have my good for 50mpg Cobalt XFE that should go away as its not getting used much.

Good Luck
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