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I don't think apps are as reliable as a unit directly plugged into the OBD2 port. But I have no experience with the apps, so my opinion ain't much.

The engine load thing has to do with the dynamics of how much power per unit of fuel your engine makes at a given rpm. Gasoline engines don't produce a uniform amount of power per unit of fuel across the whole power band. Generally, though I gather not always, you will be burning fuel most efficiently in the 70-80% load range. That's not throttle % but load. It is a fairly brisk rate of acceleration, counterintuitive when thinking about saving fuel. In your auto trans you would get to speed in the most efficient way and then cruise, or perhaps coast in nuetral with the engine on ifmyour car is designed to handle that.

The airdam jn the list is kinda extreme. A different and also very good airdam can be under the bumper, a few inches behind the leading edge of the bumper, made from black lawn edging. It is very low key. I have hd to point it out as a mod to people looking at my car. Often, they cannot guess how I made it. It's also a really good mod. It keeps air from going under the car, the messiest aerodynamic area of most cars, prob yours too.

When you add to the low-key airdam, a grill block behind the existing grill, you get quite stealthy, cheap, but known effective mods.
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