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Mr. Regular: Can Americans Accept a Tiny Engine in a Medium Car?

Can Americans Accept a Tiny Engine in a Medium Car?
The Focus now has Ford's 1.0 liter three-cylinder. Mr. Regular explores if it's something you want.

Mr. Regular from Regular Car Reviews also writes articles for Road and Track. Here he reviews the 1.0T Focus.

Originally Posted by Mr. Regular
It's just the engine that is the weak point.

However, the weak point is the point. This is a car for the hypermiling nerd; a statistics major with a quarter tank of gas and seven days to payday. This is the car for the twitching Dr. Alphys in all of us who obsesses over the most minor of details.

If you like to be involved in your gas saving, and want a car that will beat a Toyota Prius in mileage without the safe-space-seeking, Tumblr-posting, recreational outrage, social-justice warrior-ing, "I regret to inform you" Prius image —and you don't want to give up manual transmission, and retain a modicum of street-cred—the 2015 Ford Focus 1.0L 3-Cyl Turbo is the car for you.

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