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My life dream...

... is to be a professional bass fisherman on the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Sounds crazy right? I agree, it is crazy. So crazy that no one supports my desire to pursue this goal.

I'm venting, so y'all hold on...

My whole life, I have been good at many things and have had interest in many different subjects. From geology to history, meteorology, agriculture, soil science, astronomy, I have had many interest in my short life. But nothing that I deemed career worthy.

I recently graduated with my B.S. in Agriculture Education. I loved the people I went to school with, the school and the subjects... but I disliked the fact that I was even getting the degree. I tried to get out; parents would not let me. Told me I need to finish what I started. So I stuck it out and have a Bachelor's degree. In a field that I am burnt out in and have no desire to work in! I've done agriculture my whole life, and quite honestly, don't want anymore of it.

So now what? I have a huge amount of student debt from a degree that I resent on a level, and can't get a job in my field, and honestly don't want a job in my field. On top of that, I'm engaged and have to provided for my soon-to-be wife, which is a big amount of stress.

All these emotions and struggles are twisted and knotted up inside of me and it drains me daily. I look for what I truly can call my passion, besides God.

Enter in bass fishing. Lol.

From the time I have been young, there have been many things I have been good at, but hardly anything that I excel at. Bass fishing has, strangely, been one of the few things in my life that I can do well, and better than others, 90% of time. I remember wanting to do this SO badly when I was younger! It is all I wanted to do, and when I was able to go, I fished hard. I learned. I watched. I listened. I did everything I could to get better at catching these all-american fish.

At some point, I forgot this dream and decided to take a "safe" approach to life by going into agriculture, a place where I had spent my entire life. I mean, it seemed purely logical. Whether it was planted in my mind by family, I don't recall nor will say and assume they did.

And look where it has got me. Into a mess, and my life feels like:

Lo and behold, my ex (who would have thought she'd still be able to help me?) shared a video on FaceBook a few days ago, and I just happened to see it. It was Jim Carey giving a speech at a college graduation. I was sucked in, and this part stuck out to me:

What timing!

So I am at a crossroads in my life. Continue on my safe route of agriculture, dislike what I do and have just as much a chance at failing as following my dream of being an Elite Series Champion, or make steps to follow my said dream?

Whoever takes the time to read this, thank you for giving time to my life and it's troubles. Feel welcome to leave any wisdom, advice or positive correction for this now teary-eyed young man on the other end of a keyboard.

Blessings y'all


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