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Originally Posted by The_Jed View Post
I walked away from my dream to provide for my growing family; I had my last sanctioned fight at 26 years of age and my girlfriend (now wife) who was 6 months pregnant at the time was my cut person/corner nurse. I lost. Then I took a long, objective look at what I was doing and where it would lead. I still have regrets once in a great while, but my pragmatic self knows I made the right decision.

You don't have to pigeonhole yourself into an agriculture related field, a degree opens all kinds of doors. There's a company called Flyin' Miata that semi-recently had a job opening for a sales/marketing/etc. position and one of the requirements was a degree. It didn't matter what kind, just A degree.

I've encountered this quite a few times. Maybe you could use that degree to land a great paying job with a predictable schedule then you could buy a boat and go fishing as often as possible.
That is definitely one possibility that would be heaven sent I've got to figure out how to find a job such the one you listed! A man I know of, Mike Long, did that when he was gunning for the world record Largemouth Bass. Worked out pretty well, as he was able to log a lot of hours on the water and catch a 20-12 LMB.

One thing to mention is I am being pressured to get an agriculture related job from family and friends. So I don't "waste" my degree -_- which is absolute crap, but it is on me irregardless.

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
So how have professional bass fishermen (sorry, but my mind's boggling a little at the idea that there even is such a thing) get a start in the business? I'd suspect they don't send out resumes to bass companies :-)

I'd give pretty good odds that those professional bass fisherman didn't just start out as that. You need to somehow figure out a workable path from where you are to where you want to be. And I'd bet that at least some of that path will have you working at jobs you really don't like, in order to get money &c needed for the next step. Mine sure did.

Maybe a start would be to type "how to become a professional bass fisherman" into Google's search box, and read some of the 80,700 hits. (Mind boggling again :-))

PS: And it's also a good idea to have a fallback plan, just in case you do everything right, but just aren't good enough to make it.
Check it out Mr. James --> Bassmaster

Oh no, they didn't just start out as pros. They had the passion and the vision first, which is what I have. They started in local bass clubs and worked their way through the ranks. I would have to do the same thing, it's just actually doing it is what seems so far out of reach!

I have a plan on how I can get to the Elite Series in probably 5-7 years. Just have to implement... and only I can do that.

Here is a good link for a how-to become a pro - 9 steps to going pro | Bassmaster

Also, I have a Bachelor's in Agriculture Education to fall back on but I won't need it, because I am going to succeed. I am good enough Got to have the right attitude man, it's a big part of becoming successful in the professional curcuit!

Remember, thank a fellow EM'er for a helpful post!!!
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