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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I care! It's inefficient.
I meant definition wise of course. Even so, this was a design choice. It would never do much EV work anyway. Now they could eliminate the flywheel, extra clutch and alternator, saving both cost and weight. That more than makes up for the bit of extra friction. It has the special valve mode anyway to teduce drag and prevent blowing cold air into the cats.

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I think the disagreement here is over the adjectives. Of course IMA has an EV mode. But it's neither "pure" nor "full" if it spins the ICE to do it and can't move the car from a stop.
Rotating the gearbox is fine, the clutch plates fine, but pistons no, even if the valves stay shut? That is just mechanics.
Not using fuel is my definition of pure EV, and it applies.
Not full EV, never said so. I wish it would move from a start in EV mode! Honda missed out on that. I bet it could easily if they just let it happen. Ah well.
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