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When you see things like bent spokes in any advertisement it makes me very suspect of any real quality components. Personally I would prefer one piece wheels with tubeless tires, even some of the smallest motorcycle tires would be more confidence inspiring on a 45 mph downhill run.

$700 for the kit (with twisted spokes)
$500 for the battery

That's too close to the $1599 price with the 30 day no questions return (return freight due), especially considering the fact that component built brings in exponentially greater issues, possibly unresolvable and a bunch of expensive junk for your money. Basically you pay return freight for a 30 day test drive assuming the seller is there when you return the product.

I can wait indefinitely. Maybe now that GM is going to import a SUV to the US from China we can see how well that works for the General. Seems to me like a mistake.

My Mirage was built in Thailand, which to me is completely different than China. The quality so far at 13k + miles is as good as anything I have seen, including my 84 CRX built in Japan with a serious wiring harness defect from the factory or my Maxima with a casting flaw in the engine block that allowed coolant to leak out, that I fixed by drilling a hole in the block, tapping it and putting a 5mm bolt in the former hole.

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