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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I must be missing the purpose of this thread. CFL technology was new in the 90's, and in many ways better than incandescent bulbs. Technology has continued, and now we have LEDs that have crappy color temperatures.

One thing I'm certain of, technology will continue to evolve and likely resolve most of the crappy LED color temperature issues, improve efficiency, and reduce the price premium.

Lighting efficiency seems to be one of the least "hot potato" issues that exists. I'd say AGW, Healthcare, and Gun Control are way ahead in the hot potato category. Heck, ethanol is even more controversial.

That reminds me, I have a CFL that went out in my exterior lighting. I'll change it out with a spare. When I finally get through my spares, I'll be switching to LED. Hopefully products that produce 100W equivalent at reasonable prices will exist by then.
My wife gives me crap every time I have to replace a CFL that burned out. She thinks they are supposed to last forever, and has apparently forgotten that the incandescent bulbs they replaced were changed out almost yearly. I got in the habit of writing the month/year I installed the bulb on the bulb itself. I have a couple that are 10 years old now and still working.

I was happy with the CFLs. LEDs have the efficiency and long life, only even more so and more durable plus dimmable. What's not to like?

Well, the price is high... but my local energy company (Puget Sound Energy) regularly has large, instant rebates on LED bulbs and it's not unusual to find 60W equivalent LED bulbs for $1.50 now.

I'm gradually replacing my bulbs with LEDs now. Unfortunately, the REALLY cheap bulbs are only "warm white" (2300-3000K) and my wife and I both prefer the cool white bulbs (4000-4500K). But, the prices around here are pretty reasonable.
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