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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
Planejob, ETA to driving condition? The anticipation is killing me xD!!
It's about 8 working hours away from being driveable around the neighborhood. I will get about 2 hours this Sunday to work on it, and then an hour per night next week. Theoretically, I could be driving it by Feb 27 (Keep in mind, I originally said I wanted to have it all done by Jan 1 2016. Missed it by 'that much'.)

Things left to do before test drive (this is the 8 hour list):
1) Connect throttle cable to injection pump.
2) Wire the Start/Stop Fuel solenoid to the Geo wiring
2)also) starter trigger wire needs to be connected over, too.
3) Make a decision about the brakes: Remove spring from Booster, or add electric vacuum pump from Ford Diesel Truck (pump allows for future heater controls)
4) Plumb in Racor fuel filter / water separator.
5) install air filter assembly. (15 dollars (missing original box) from Amazon Warehouse deals! woot.)

Things to do before taking it for a state inspection:
1) replace headlights (all mounting tabs have disintegrated.)
2) Wire in a thermostat to control the fan (there is a plan in place for this)
3) Install hood
4) confirm electrical system is functioning properly for lighting systems.

THings to do after it has an inspection:
1) install front bumper.
2) Get some tires that don't have grand-canyon-sized cracks in them and are the correct size. Current rears rub the inner fender.
3) remove the spring extenders that a previous owner put into all 4 springs.
4) Decide on oil pan - shorten it up or accept the risk of it dragging bottom.
5) get it plated.
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