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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
What goals do you have for after you obtain license plates?
I'm probably going to drive it across the country, do some aero mods, then sell it to some worthy soul.

I'm in Dallas, TX and I think it would be fun to make a roundtrip to Las Vegas. The only issue is I have no plans to hook up an A/C and the windows down will pretty much negate any aero mods that are done. I doubt I can keep it until next winter. Right now I don't have a place to park it outdoors, so once it's done and the next proect moves into the garage it will be homeless. I'm sure there's an HOA or City ordinance against having 7 or 9 vehicles (depends on how you count, exactly) and only 2 drivers. My wife has a requirement that anything that gets parked outside of the garage must be running and legal. (I think she came up with this thinking it would prevent an eyesore... then I got my 1976 GMC truck and painted the hood.)
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