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OK, so I was able to sneak out into the garage tonight and take some pictures of the progress that was made last weekend.

The original Geo Automatic radiator was reinstalled. I'm not sure if the empty transmission fluid cavity will cause issues with the efficient heat dissipation of the coolant - it's an interesting thought.

I went to the auto parts stores (Oreilly and Autozone) and searched for a heater hose that would fit my needs. I couldn't find anything so I ended up purchasing some 1" ID Heater hose with the intention of winding it around the ening bay and doing the entire system in bulk hose.

Well, that didn't work, as I tried to bend the hose tot he correct angles and dangles it would kink. SO I HAD A FLASH OF GENIUS... put this stuff in the clothes dryer on high for 30 minutes, then fit it to the car and let it cool in place with the bends "memorized"... DO NOT DO THIS. It causes marital strife. Heater hose leaves black marks all over the inside of the dryer.

So, I resorted to copper pipe. I went to Home Depot and the 8' stick of 1" copper was 40 bucks. I bought the 2' stick for 12 - the math doesn't work out but the total cash outlay makes sense.

The fuel filter arrived today (with the wrong size quick disconnect fittings).

THat's a 2 Micron Diesel Fuel filter and water separator. I plan to mount it here:

In place of this little filter:

And here's the air filter I scored for 15 bucks, instead of 60. But still, it adds up quickly.
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