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Originally Posted by xbUser View Post
The gas pump doesn't indicate how much ethanol it has. The clerk knows nothing, too. Any way to tell % of ethanol? Is Chevron and Shell better? I notice Chevron gas gives my xB better mpg when the car is getting old. (no difference when it is new) However, the price is more than 2.5% and far away from my home. Shell is even more expensive (4%) in my area.... Not that cost effective.
You'll have to be more insistent and patient/courteous with the clerk because they should have that info when the tankers make their delivery. I lucked out and the clerk had the clipboard with all of that info nearby so he could flip right to it. But yes, he had no clue either at first and admitted he never even thought about ethanol content in gas (and I suspect A LOT of drivers don't either...). I also gassed up the Scion at 10:30pm with no business so it wasn't a major impediment from his routine.

All gas in California has it. It's just a matter of how much -- that's the million dollar question.

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