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Originally Posted by HeadlesNorseman View Post
"I dont have time to restore it to original!!!"

disassembles 2 entire vehicles and fabricates them into time-intensive unique project

sorry this is just funny
Right?!? I mean, who in their right mind, chops up a 1967 Firebird convertable? 1 of 15,528 made, and a first year car at that??? I could see if it was just pieces and/or incomplete, but you had a gem of a car that could have been restored to its previous glory, and you chose to infuse it with a Prius??? Wow...just, wow... Personally, I would have sold the bird and bought something a little less...desirable?

But, I do think it is an interesting project and I'm curious to see where it ends up. So I will subscribe, and hopefully you didn't chop up your Bird for nothing...cause there's no turning back now!

Good luck!
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