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Originally Posted by WyrTwister View Post
I looked it up online & I find only one charging station in our city , at a Nissan dealership . Do not know if it is available to the general public .

Probably not too surprising , since I live on the outskirts of the oil patch .

If I owned an EV , I would have to be VERY careful . 99.99% of the recharges would have to be at home .

God bless
Where do you live?
I have made 2 signs for local business that include the phrase "At the Heart of the Oil patch". I'm sure you used PlugShare - EV Charging Station Map - Find a place to charge your car! My options inside driving range are 2 Nissan Dealers (which to the best of my knowledge are all FREE) with the regular 6.6 KW+ Nissan branded AeroVironment EVSE's, 1 BMW dealer with a free Charge point station, and 3 houses that chose to list their chargers. I haven't charged at any of them yet, only the shop and 2 friends houses. So, yeah so far I'm 100% on my own "infrastructure".

I do however have the EVSE upgrade cord (details above in this thread) so I can charge from most any outlet at pretty much any rate up to 16 amps 120 and 20 amps 240 adjustable in 1 amp increments. I have a pretty good idea of which of my friends would let me plug in if I needed to.
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