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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
HCH1's LB doesn't suck as much power for some reason, maybe it doesn't lean out as much? Idk. I just remember driving a HCH1 at one point and it was very difficult to tell that I was in LB at all. MPG's don't jump up as much, nor does the power dropoff feel the same.

50mpg @ 70mph should be achievable in an HCH1 with LRR tires and proper foot control.
There aren't any 70mph roads anywhere near here.

50mph followed by ~60mph are probably more two most common speeds.

EDIT: Looking at LRR summer (all season) tires:

TireRack has Michelin Defenders available for the factory size of 185/70r14 for ~$100 each

Walmart has Goodyear Integrity tires in 185/70r14 for ~$70

A brief google search reveals that the Defenders are all-around better tires, but I'm primarily concerned with rolling resistance, and they will not be used in winter weather. Anyone have experience with either of these, or know of any other better tires in a similar size?

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