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Originally Posted by shaggythegangsta View Post
i did another test:
i started the motor with outlet ac and then i started streaming the mechanical speed, i noticed a strange thing here... my encoder is 1024PPR but i got correct motor speed with encoder-ticks=2048 ticks/rev.
Dumb question - this is a 3 phase AC motor, right?

If so, I don't understand 'started the motor with outlet ac'

but the motor is still not rotating.....

current feedback = ok
throttle = ok
temprature = ok
encoder = ok

but the motor is not rotating....
It sounds like the feedback is working .. so likely the software is working ..

Paul will likely correct me .. I think it's time to check the signals at the IGBTs. If the signals are not there (which it sounds like they are not) then follow the circuit back and find out what is missing. The voltage across the IGBT terminals should be some voltage. If you use the DC scale on your meter it should register something besides 0.00 if it is working and you have some throttle signal to say 'GO'.

I'm not sure there is a fault if the DC bus is not getting charged up. Current is measured but I don't remember voltage being measured. A problem with the DC bus is a possibility .. if the IGBTs are getting signal.

There is a DC/DC converter that puts out 24V when you give it 12V. Check that it is giving you 24V out. It is adjustable from about 22V through 26 or 27V. The electronics may work at less than 24V .. maybe the IGBTs don't.

If Paul does not log in and comment today, I'll be seeing him tomorrow.... I'll ask if he has any suggestions. I'm taking up most of his free time so he may not log in!!
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