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Originally Posted by shaggythegangsta View Post
i powered the motor with ac outlet, so the motor turns at his nominal speed..
I'm trying to figure out how you are 'powering the motor with an ac outlet' if the motor is 3 phase. Unless you are in an industrial shop .... and you are using a three phase welding plug .. I don't think that you can? I'd be interested in how you are doing this ... pictures please!

then i started streaming the motor speed to check if the encoder was working... like i said the correct rpms i got with 2048 tick per rev, when my encoder is 1024 pulses per rotation.
Paul is using the edges of each pulse transition to track motor position better, but that has not affected pulses per revolution. If the motor is 2 poles, 3000 rpm ... you should be able to put in 1024. I guess if you had a 4 pole motor instead and entered 2048 it would show right but it would be better to have 2 pairs of poles ... or maybe the encoder is somehow mislabeled?

i checked for hardware errors... but there is no error i think...

because on same board i tested AN1162 application notes's code and the motor works fine in openloop....
AN1162 shows you have a 3 phase motor, and that the motor spins when it has the proper signals ... and that the IGBTs are being turned on properly .... this one is over my head! I'll have to bug Paul.
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