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Both Mazda -- to me, if you drive a car that is OBDII compliant and care about what your car is doing, that's reason enough to get it. I know the $150 price shock is scary but I just did the math and figured it would pay for itself in 9 to 10 months (assuming gas is $4/gal and the SGII gets me a boost of 3-4 mpg -- obviously individual results will vary -- the hungrier your car is the sooner it can pay for itself)

And so far, my last 3 tanks with the SG installed bear out this positive trend, going from 38mpg to 41 to 41 to recently 43. Could not have done it without some sort of feedback device.

My 5 pillars of fuel efficiency:
  • driving style
  • aerodynamics
  • tires
  • weight reduction
  • engine maintenance
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