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ScanGauge II compatibility question

Hello everyone. I was looking at the ScanGauge II page here on EM to see if it was compatible with my '97 Ford Ranger. It looks like it is BUT it doesn't give and speed, distance, or FE information? I really am only looking for real time feedback to help further adjust the "nut behind the wheel". I still use the old (miles driven gallons used) to get my FE numbers. Would a good vacuum gauge with a numerical digital readout work just as well? $150 for something that doesn't give me the info I want and lots of other info (useful as it may be) that I may not use doesn't seem to have a good return on investment in my case. Definitely a good investment for someone who would get the FE feedback in their vehicle but it just isn't going to work in my truck.

So....are there any other options or would the digital vacuum gauge be the way to go?


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