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Converting Lead Acid to Lithium Ion

I am new to this site and thought I'd chime in. Chris Freyman was on here years ago... I recently bought his 1983 Rabbit Cabriolet. He had designed his own battery charger, motor controller and instrumentation. As I convert to Lithium, I have perfectly good items that I paid for, but can't use. Some were designed and shared on this site. Will sell reasonably.

Battery Charger for lead acid, 120VDC, 10 battery system. Fully documented. Built well, works perfectly. 3 charging modes.

A "Cougar LCD Instrumentation Board" showing 4 screens of info + 1 screen for programming. Fully documented. Used to show amps, temps etc. Google the name to read about it.

I am installing 96 lithium batteries... 48 series string of 2 in parallel. Giving me 144 Volts, 200 aH. + Orion BMS + TCCH battery charger. I will have bluetooth instrumentation on tablet or phone.

That's it for now. Thanks

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