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Just got back from putting 507 miles on a tank in a Town and Country minivan. 27.4 mpg. Still had over a gallon left. That was Seattle to Missoula, MT so 3400 ft elevation gain, 4 winding mountain passes,5 passengers, and 70-80 mph almost the whole way, actually averaged 67mph counting some stop and go on the 405 leaving Seattle.

About the 405, what's the deal with no carpool lanes anymore? Instead they let rich people buy their way through traffic with a $7 toll lane? That is embarrassing Seattle, at least still reward the carpoolers with a free ride in those lanes. I also followed a Tesla model S on a flatbed being towed by a f150 ecoboost truck with "Tesla service" on the side. I thought that was ironic as the guy had to have the thing floored going up the pass at 65-70mph. Followed him all the way to the Yakima turnoff. Bet he was getting 3-8 mpg just glowing that turbo the whole way. So now how long does that Tesla owner have to run that car to offset all the wasted fuel towing in back and forth to Seattle?
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