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Crossover e-velomobile, PodRide

A tidy fossil fuel-free and urban conveyance, the Pod Ride. Swedish inventor Mikael Kjellman created a one-person four-wheeled pedal/e-motor velomobile that has the thoughtful combination of convenience, safety and rain/winter protection. Doorway-clearing, 250-watt e-motor & lithium batteries, 4-wheel drum brakes, waterproof body to keep you warm and dry in any weather, LED headlights and turn signals, heated (removable) windshield w/ wiper, padded seat, Rock Shock shock absorbers (studded tires in winter), small trunk and a tow bar for a bike trailer.

Off-road capabilities.

He just started a crowdfunding campaign in an attempt to raise $30,000 so the vehicle to be produced.

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