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Originally Posted by groar View Post
Network and computer security...

Current hobby : solar cells. 3kWc will be installed on our roof before the end of the year :-)

I had to laugh when I saw your profession and your hobby because we have the same background and I have just purchased 1600 individual 3inx6 inch solar cells for part of my RV mod. I'll post more about that later but I'd be interested in talking with you about your hobby since I'll be turning the entire roof of our RV into a giant custom solar panel for the EV mod. [laughing]

Hopefully I'll be able to make a template on a table and lay everything out ... and then flip one of those electric griddles upside down on top of the template for a poor-mans assembly line soldering process. Well, it would be hinged like a clam but it is possible. Electric griddles can be dialed to the correct temperature so it does have some possibilities. Plus at WalMart it will only cost about $25 to find out

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