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First long road trip in the Insight since getting it back on the road:

Friday, Vermont -> Montreal, ~70F, ~85 miles including 20 miles of driving in mild traffic in the city, I arrived at my destination with the FCD reading 93.7mpg, or 2.5L/100km.

On the return trip, I averaged 87.4mpg. It was slightly cooler, and there was a small crosswind.

My strategy was little more than to stay in lean burn 100% of the time (except for NOx purges). On flat ground, I set the cruise control @ 50mph. Where hills were steep enough that I could coast down the other side without losing speed, I would climb at no less than 70mpg (lower limit for lean burn), even if I lost a little speed, then coast down the other side with the engine on, because my kill switch isn't presently hooked up.

I had some chance to play with getting assist while in lean burn. It's possible, it seems, but you have to really feather the pedal right at the point where lean burn exits and assist begins.

Right now I'm creeping up on my first 80mpg tank, but it's very possible that my morning commute might lower that a bit.

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