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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
Ooh, I don't like the sound of that. "Fringe science" doesn't always meet the criteria for being actual "science."
Agreed; but add at this time. 150ago AC power was fringe science but now it gets 400+tone mile per gallon according to CSX Railroad

It does, however, often meet the criteria for being "lunatic fringe."

Having an off-the-wall idea is good, it means you're thinking and exploring. sometimes it just means you don't know what the box looks like so it can't influnce the confines of your view. I got a job as a R&D fabricator/ engineer at a Co. Bulding a prototype 20'65' floating combine(just picture a big green combine with pontoons instead of tires) . Got the job just becouse I didn't know what the box looked like. I had never even researched building a large boat muchless considered it . (Kinda saying I always think out dide the box, I try to avoid it,its to restrictive.).

Testing it is even better, because if it works then that adds something to what has been understood, even if the test results fly in the face of what has been understood. Repeated testing is better still, because it adds weight to the new findings. then you ask what do we not understand as these people proved we can NOT replacate natur becuas we dont see the fringes of the big picture
Effects of magnetic fields produced by simulated and real geomagnetic storms on rats
During thire failed atempt to simulate a Coronal Mas Ejection (CME)in the lab an actual CME occurred proving thier theory about Vascular presser changes caused by a CME. Damm right IMHO we should test the hell out of what happens during a CME.thire could be the connection that N. TESLA was missing.

Espousing in spite of tests' evidence, however, is neither science nor fringe. It's delusion or, worse, scamming. some times the evidence is simply ignored or hiden from the light of day for political reasons, or because it is taboo because 100years ago it wasnt posable. If it is not understood instead of labeling it taboo, TRY to find the right questions to understand it better. No respected scientist will publicly tuch the subject.main streem will ignore the evidence keeping it on the fringes to fill political pockets. Eg Browns Gas(BG), its common knowledge that BG only burns @~136c in free air but can vaporize tungsten (W) not melt @6192f but vaporize into 2/3 W gas @10000f. Insted of Mainstream asking what when how? Instead its we don't understand. Or they smply say no that brakes the laws of physics it cant be. it a fringe science if you venture down that rabbit hole your finshed.
HHO or more properly HOH isn't in the Unicorn Coral because it dusnt work on the contrary its thire becuas "we" haven't figured out how to power it without costing crankshaft HP.. or that we haven't written the laws of physics that pertains to hydroxyls or Rydberg Clusters because they brake our current set.

I notice that mainstream astronomy is starting to grudgingly acknowledge the Electric Universe.]
hear is a summary of how much of that fringe rabbit hole this groop (just like Ecomodder is comprised of amateurs all the way up to mutable phd.'s in thire fild)has looked.

Before you can look down the rabbit hole you first have to acknowledge that the rabbit hole might exists. Then you test this theory with a multitude of tests and some will require multiple different methodologys. to confirm your new discovery.
I mean no hard feelings.and the testing continues till wou find your self in the box called current technology limmit . It takes an innovator to push the limmits not a designer.
I mean no hard feelings.
Gumby stay flexiblet
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