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Quick update.

The 'bent drew quite a few interested visitors at the Maker Fest! It was a good time.

I wasn't planning on painting the fork for a while, but had the bottom bracket cups out so figured why not. It's a nice light blue now, but you'll see pictures eventually when something more interesting happens.

I threw in a spacer washer to move the crankset to the drive side just a few mils but that turned out to be both too little to straighten out the chain line and too much for the washer/nut stackup on the non drive side. So that idea's out the window.

What I'm figuring on doing to solve that is to mount the chainring normally without a spacer, then to create a two-piece chainring system. I'll cut the outside part off the chainring that's mounted to the crank, and that'll act as a carrier. Then I'll cut the inside out of another chainring and bolt that to the carrier via the 6 holes they all have. That should give me the opportunity to space it as little or as much as I need to straighten the chain line, but still have proper BB adjustment and crankarm clearance.

Lastly, I got new rear headset bearing cups at the LBS, so the rear steer tube is installed. Finding a good stem/handlebar combo to fit the 10-spd steer tube is the next challenge. I can file down the stem I have to fit the just-barely-larger-diameter handlebars, or find a stem that fits correctly. Money versus time. Stay tuned!

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