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Progress has been made. Then unmade, then remade, then unmade, then made again.

Installed the transmission, as evidenced by the pictures above. Then found a little paper cup that contained all of the locating pins... So I pulled the transmission back off the adapter plate and installed the locating pins. Then, a few days alter, I dreamed that I had not torqued and staked the nut that holds fifth gear on. So I opened up the top hat and... I hadn't, so I did, then I put it back together again.

I should either make a check list or not imbibe so much during these procedures.

Today, I re-torqued the top hat bolts and dumped in some Syncromesh gear lube. NO LEAKS. I found that dumping the lube in through the speedo drive gear hole is much more convenient than trying to get it in the horizontally oriented fill hole.

The drivetrain-side throttle linkage assembly was reinstalled to the transmission.

The shifter mechanism was re-connected.

The clutch cable bracket and clutch cable were connected and adjusted.

I'm back to where I was...

Still left to do:
Identify "hot in start only" and "Hot in start and run" wires to power the diesel fuel solenoid.
Plumb in the vacuum reservoir and pump.
Fight the State for some diesel registration.
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