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You continue to trump hydrogen with compressed air?

Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
The car could go 3x as far on CNG for 1/10 the price.

Or could be an awesome EV, too bad we just have to drive a unicorn.

Might as well drive it as a compressed air car.
This car is hardly a unicorn. Impractical for some and not well placed market wise, for others. But it can and does do what they say it does - move 2 people at reasonable speeds up to 300 miles.

They are a small company and they have decided not to go head to head with the existing giants in the industry by bypassing commuter electric vehicles and their associated limitations of range due to cost. Leafs and iMevs and eFiats struggle in that market and it's limitations.

The only battery cars that can travel 200-300 miles are the much higher priced Teslas.

Using CNG would require considerable outlay in engine certification for emission reasons and a small company may see fit to bypass that all together. Fuel cells may not be the answer, but they think so. It allows them marketing uniqueness.

The long range compressed air cars I have seen use CNG heating of the motor air to increase range into that 200-300 mile span without a huge air tank. Not a big problem but now you are "duel fueling" at your stop.
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