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Am I hurting my clutch when I downshift without revving up?

I have a 2008 Civic 5-speed, and I don't want to inflict undue wear and tear on it. I am wondering if my downshifting is excessively harmful to my clutch. I know not to do bad things like slipping the clutch or riding it, so no worries there.

Let's say I'm going about 25mph and decide I want to downshift into 2nd to decelerate while zeroing fuel usage. Is it kosher to just clutch in, switch to 2nd, and take the clutch out without giving it any gas to up the rpms to the appropriate level? I do it fairly gently so there is no jerking, just a smooth slowerness. So basically I am wondering if making the clutch up the revs from about 800 to maybe 2800 without giving it any gas is bad. I know this is awkwardly worded...but thanks for any help!

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