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I think their autonomous miles with no fatalities isn't that great when only compared to every other car on the road numbers. How many fatalities per mile are there in 0-5 year old $50,000+ sedans? They basically are trying to say, "Hey at least it's safer then an 11.4 year old Camary or Accord." because that is the average car, and I bet those cars in isolation actually beat the Tesla claim. Me thinks 30% above average fatality rate is not what a $75,000+ car shopper is going to be doing a lot of bragging about.

PS, Now consider this was a dry, clear, daylight, perfectly straight road, with no alcohol or speed involved. What is the average fatality per mile in those conditions? Again, without the autonomous feature activated I have heard Tesla bragging about being the safest car ever on the road. I bet this means you are 10 or even 100 times more likely to die if you use the autopilot. In their defense, one data point is not really useable, but they shouldn't try and use it either.

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