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Originally Posted by sgtlethargic View Post
It seems the wind tunnel smoke should go lower so it shows what's going on with the grill area.
Public Relations shot; repetitive smoke lines are pleasing to the eye, similar rhythm also found in architectural designs (series of columns, windows etc...).

See also music and the other arts.

The messy actually stuff the engineers find useful would not be very pleasing I suspect.

The "hey look they have a problem" in lieu of "hey look isn't that fluid looking" would be counter productive to their intended purpose.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I'm wondering if anyone has characterized the performance of the partial pontoon front fender.
I'm sure that we have seen this before on human powered and gravity racers. Sometimes on the two wheel variety as well if I recall correctly.

I'm picturing one of those colorful CFD images right now, pretty sure I've seen a study on this before.
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