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Originally Posted by Dieseldude View Post
Did you resolve your issue with civic?
I would question the 12volt converter and IMA.
The IMA provides voltage to charge the a 12volt battery, and the 12volt electronics. But it uses the 12 volt converter module to step down the voltage.
So if you're having weird failures that don't make sense. Don't overlook the converter as having problems, and or a marginal 12 V battery .
I live in Iowa and have a pile of modules and near new IMA from a 2007 civic hibrid.
Between the two of us with might have a car running like new.
IM not far from iowa. Do you think you can do the battery reconditioning with a Hybrid automotive kit(which I have)? I have not solved it, and current I got an Ima code, but it went away after restarting the car. Its odd because it does this thing where it goes down to two bars, charges for a little while, then goes back to full bars, and after some use, skips down to two bars, and does that cycle again. Im guessing a few cells are screwed, but not all.
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