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Thanks for the invite. I'll consider it.

Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
To all those concerned there's going to be a get together at Darko wind tunnel in Ogden Utah September 9th There's an opportunity to show off what you've got meet club members and shake hands and figure things out San Diego's not too far Rusty and my question stated in an earlier post what do you think of them Rusty just trying to get your thread back on track
Keep me appraised. That falls on my wife's birthday time and she and her sis-in-law always do some crazy thing as a birthday celebration. They have done the usual para-sailing, skydiving and such. Does Ogden boast some silly escapade I can steer my wife towards while I hide the real reason to travel? Ha! I don't want her injured or dead, but I think zip-lining over canyons or some such might bait her.

I have an electrolysis generator, who's design I'll go over in another thread that hopefully will avoid hooliganism from the mods and members. I can bring that as a presentation. It is quite large as it is used to produce process gas for industry. I also have an old 85 Mercedes diesel that has 800K miles estimated ( odo froze at 595k) with the usual smokey exhaust, and we can hook up the electrolysis generator to the alternator and run the ABA test of smoke elimination. It's amazing how a very little HHO affects smoke output. We all know smoke is lost energy. I will not discuss how HHO affects diesel combustion as that is part of the IP portfolio, but we can play with the devices to our hearts content. Yes, It is an old car. But, the argument that "HHO does nothing and cannot do anything in the small quantities produced by onboard power" becomes visibly apparent.

Again, thank you again for the invitation, I'll make an effort to get there. It is a welcome offer in a suffocating atmosphere.