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Originally Posted by chimchichclick View Post
wait !we need : 1batterry + 1 DC capacity +1 controller board +1 encoder+ 3 current sensor+ 3 IGBT+ 1 ACIM motor . what else we need guys ?? sorry for noob !
Is 1 DC capacity a capacitor?

To make the car go, you would also need
- a charger
- an adapter plate from the motor to the transmission (or the drive shaft if you are skipping the transmission)
- a throttle. The hall effect throttle signal is from about 0.5V at minimum to about 4.5V at maximum
- FUSES! At least one fuse at your pack voltage
- contactors. A high current contactor like a Tyco Kilovac or a Gigavac to connect the battery pack to the controller
- precharge resistor. The controller should have a precharge contactor, which puts power to the precharge resistor and charges the large ring capacitor slowly (under 1 second)
- Heat sink for the IGBTs. They carry a lot of current and heat up, so you need cooling fins at least. Paul is using liquid cooling for the aluminum plate that the IGBTs are bolted to.
- Cables that will handle the current you plan to use. Paul is using #4, but you can go bigger between the controller and the motor. And the cable lugs to put on the ends of the cable, connecting the motor to the controller
- Cables that handle the smaller current from the battery pack to the controller, with lugs, and an orange jacket so that emergency personnel know to cut the cables in case of an accident
- A serial cable if you want to show information from the controller inside the car
- an inertia switch to detect that you are in an accident, that shuts off the contactors
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