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Your wife loves your new Geo Metro.............Diet. Yeah, it really hurts to skip dessert but you know that soon you'll enjoy feeling those bugs hit the windshield of your XFI,,yet you wish they wouldn't stick there because you are rather worried about the CdA of a bug, and you think, I'd splurge on a coin-op car wash but remember that you spent the fuel savings from hypermiling with your ScanGage I,, on a new ScanGage II and you have to start saving for a tank of gas so you decide to go dumpster diving behind the pizza joint because those 33 rpm vinyl LPs just look tacky then again you are disgusted with yourself for choosing looks over true beauty....but it just depends on which one is lighter. You will invest in some scales to weigh them. (fyi: 12" LPs weigh 180 grams max) That's frickin' near a half pound!!
Why must air be so dense???
You recite the 100+ tips each night at bedtime.
You once had a wet dream you were driving on the moon.
You left your shoes in the driveway. again.
You keep spare flip flops under the seat.
At work, nobody believes that your shoes were stolen again.
They think you are lying about your mpg too.
You get home from work and this time your shoes have actually been stolen.
How convenient!

2000 chevy METRO 3/5 base

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