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Originally Posted by Macskyver View Post
......... Basically I am making a cedar strip shell using similar construction techniques as the cedar strip canoes.
Originally Posted by Macskyver View Post
I then cut all the frame pieces on the CNC out of poplar. The bit was a little smaller than nominal so some of the joints didn't fit very well.
Could you please post a very close up photo of a slat joint at the ends?

I'm imaging something like the below image which I found on the Internet.

MLCS Flute and Bead and Tambour Door Router Bits

Tight fitting cedar strips make a canoe, hot tub, or planter. Use for any project using interlocking sealed edge joints. 2 flute, carbide tipped. Ideal for making cedar strip canoes (canoe building), hot tubs, planters, etc. The Stacked Flute and Bead bits (lower chart) make both profiles by simply moving the bt up or down. Purple color ♦ diamond marked items are designed for use on 1/4" slats to make tight sealed fitting edge joints on curved surfaces. Also known as "cove and bead router bits".
Excellent work, a thing of beauty.
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