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not all reeders live in southern climate

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Water to air coolers never preform better than air to air.
With air to air you can only ever cool the air down close to to ambient.....

You are wasing your time trying warm air with a cummins.
1 it has already been tried on here and confirmed.
2 the cummins engine manual says their eninges are going to get lower fuel economy and reduced power with warm air.

If you want something that will benefit from warm air get a gasser.
I think that some clarification is needed...
so if ambient= - 20f -40f/c there is no possible improvement to try to worm it ?
aka its a good idea to have the IAT at 20 below 0f?
This is baffling in a previous post someone said to keep the air above freezing for a nonIC genset

I bought for this discussion and for general use

5-in-1 Digital Multimeter
my IAT depended on grade/boost generally staying at 10f above the 85-99f ambient. the temp. change is much slower and stable than I expected.
I added my 75%rad block between the Rad and IC. this added 10f =182f coolant and bumped IAT to as high as138f(90-110 normal @70-80mph) it also moved my EGT +100f aka 700fEGT =70mph to800f EGT = 70mph.its summer so i can only do this hafe of the experiment . had frost on my roof yesterday so the other haff is still a couple months away.

my IAT will be well below freezing wile costing down Bolder Pass.

my EGT was drooping to150ish with AC/Defrost.
my truck idles at275 in park, +25 for AC compressor, +50 put in gear(auto), and its normal to be at400f when i pull into a parking spot so a cool down of 2-5min is required(the EGT wont drop below 375f if in gear with AC on)

at what IAT would you recamend warming the air on a 1th gen IC Cummins? and at what point do you recomend mesuring? I'm thinking the last IC boot or the Intake Horn.
I'd like to get a data logger to record the very limited motor senders and air temp/pressure at every step of the way .
dream big chisel down to reality .
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